Beijing Automotive Group Co., Ltd. ("BAIC Group")  

Beijing Automotive Group Co., Ltd. (BAIC) is a major automobile manufacturer in China established in 1958 and headquartered in Beijing. Till today, BAIC has established the entire industrial chain that covers R&D and manufacturing of vehicles and parts & components, auto service trade, comprehensive travel service, finance and investment, etc., thus making strategic stretch into general aviation and other industries and becoming a large state-owned automotive group that has the most diverse China-made auto product lines, the best-developed industrial chain and takes the leading position in new-energy auto market. BAIC ranks No. 129 in Fortune Global Top 500 in 2019.

Since 1958 when Beijing Automotive Manufacturing Factory produced Jinggangshan Car, the first model developed on its own, BAIC has developed and manufactured BJ212, China’s first-generation light all-road vehicle, and BJ130, the first-generation light truck; established Beijing Jeep Corporation, China’s first JV of vehicle manufacturing, Beijing Hyundai Auto Co., Ltd., China’s first vehicle manufacturing JV after the country was accepted into WTO, and Beijing Benz Automotive Co., Ltd., the model of deepening strategic JV and cooperation. Besides, BAIC has acquired IPRs of SAAB of Sweden, creating many first things in the automobile industry in China.

In recent years, BAIC maintains the philosophy of innovative development featuring “electric, intelligent, connected and sharing”, works hard to optimize and integrate resources, rebuilds the core capacity, gets into the EV industry, makes technical studies and industrial development of intelligent connection, big data and others, builds the core competitiveness of China’s own brands, explores the post-market, speeds up the “going out” steps, and pushes forward strategic transition from the traditional manufacturer to service and innovative manufacturer.

In the new era when consumption needs are being upgraded, BAIC takes the lead to transform and upgrade the industry. Adhering to the development philosophy of innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing, it promotes the strategic transformation and focuses on high, new and special development.

BAIC will follow the brand philosophy of Your Wish, Our Ways, and work hard to build the manufacturing service provider and innovative manufacturer, provide the society with high-tech, high-quality, safe and environment-friendly travel solutions, thus becoming the automobile manufacturer and service provide with international competitiveness, and the leader of high-quality travel life.

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